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Websites offering Alternative Health and other views on Lyme Disease:

Lyme Sucks  website    Great information on relief from Lyme by someone who's been thru it!!

American Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease Association

Lyme Disease Network

Lyme Net - Website providing information on many facets of Lyme and possibilities for treatment.

Alex Levy Coil Website - High quality manufacturer for the "Doug Coil" machine..

Doug Coil Website - John Stollar's "Doug Coil" Machine website (less expensive, plus eventually, instruction on building your own..)

Newer Doug Coil Website - John's newer site under construction, lots of info and eventually, instructions on building your own coil machine.

Comments:  What we are hearing from the alternative community on Lyme Disease is that the official treatment for Lyme, a three-week's supply of antibiotics, "may" help knock out Lyme initially, but it appears that it is only effective for some freshly-bitten patients. For those who have had Lyme for a long time (their conditions may have been diagnosed as MS, Lupus, CFS or other "hard to diagnose conditions") other avenues such as magnetic pulsers (Doug Coil), ozone and saunas may help, and herbal preparations such as Teasel Tincture (eBay) may be very effective for some strains of lyme. Several sufferers have found that the Salt/C routine helped them (caution, start slowly with the Salt/C or Teasel Tincture routine..). The use of plasma lamp "Rife" devices, and other frequency devices, is experimental and unproven, but reports from many is that such efforts, usually by the lyme sufferer themselves, has often proven effective. Evidence is mounting that once infected with Lyme, the person may become contageous and spread the disease to others. Some state governments officially reject that Lyme Disease exists in their states, and doctors reporting it have been threatened with legal action! ( One would not want to officially admit that there is no effective treatment for Lyme.)

Note: Information on Dr. Nenah Sylver's Sauna Book .. See book's website HERE !

Book 1:     Lyme Disease and Rife Machines - Out of Stock Check at Bryan Rosner's website, www.lymebook.com

We were pleased to offer this fantastic Handbook!

"A book about how experimental frequency devices known as 'rife machines' have been used for over 15 years in private homes to successfully fight chronic Lyme Disease."

DISCLAIMER:  This book is available for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease. The statements on this website and in the book have not been evaluated by the FDA. The author does not intend for the book to be used as medical advice for any individual.  This book is made available with the understanding that the buyer/reader will carefully read the Full Disclaimer on page ii of the book. 

Comments on Lyme Disease and Rife Machines:

"There are thousands of people who have a Lyme Disease diagnosis but are finding that antibiotic treatment is not producing long-term relief. Rife machine therapy is turning out to be valuable. Bryan Rosner is in contact with hundreds of chronic Lyme sufferers using rife devices."  - Richard Loyd, Ph.D. Coordinator of the annual Rife International Health Conference.

"Lyme Disease is the most rapidly spreading vector-borne disease in the country. In seeking therapies that are successful, physicians and patients must often "look outside the envelope."  Royal Raymond Rife created a frequency machine that could literally 'zap' bacteria with resonant frequencies often curing the patient of a chronic disease.  It would seem appropriate in today's era of resistant micro-organisms to at least consider frequency medicine in the teatment of Lyme Disease."  - Chris Hussar, D. O.  Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.

Why rife machine therapy leads to more stable improvement or remission than antibiotic therapy.

How the Lyme Disease bacteria's advanced survival ability allows it to endure aggressive treatment with antibiotics, heat, oyxgen, herbs ... and why rife machines still work.

Taking the mystery out of rife machine technology with a layman's explanation of how they work, including sample treatment schedules and sessions. Focussing on machines with the best track record against Lyme Disease: EMEM Machine, Coil Machine, High Power Magnetic Pulser, AC Contact Machine & more.  Discussion of safety and side effects.

Letters from Lyme sufferers using rife machines

What it feels like to use rife machines, including detailed steps of healing and what to expect. Why rife machines help peel layers off the infection and eradicate it at the deepest levels - not suppress it.

Not about how to cope with Lyme Disease.  Find out how chronic Lyme sufferers are getting better. Take control of your health with convenient, affordable therapies you can do at home, on your own schedule.

Analysis of alternative therapies including ozone, homeopathy, colostrum, mercury detoxification, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, hyperthermia and more. Discussion of antibiotic therapy pros and cons.

Table of  Contents: ( 203 pages )

1.   Introduction

2.   Problems with available Lyme Disease therapies

3.   Five solutions created by rife machine treatment

4.   Understanding the recovery process

5.   Crash course on rife machine technology

6.   The most effective rife machines

7.   Rife machine acquisition and treatment

8.   Supportive therapies for accelerating progress

9.   Rational and moderate use of antibiotics


A.  Diagnosing Lyme Disease

B.  Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA

C.  Royal Raymond Rife's Original Frequencies

D.  Frequencies from the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL)

E.  Unexplained observations in Doug's experiment

F.  User reports

G.  Endnote citations


List of Figures

List of Tables

A large amount of history in using frequency devices is included. Extremely interesting and valuable reading!!  

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Book 2: Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments (367 Pages) NOT IN STOCK !!

Written by bestselling author/journalist Bryan Rosner, this book introduces you to 10 of the world's most effective Lyme Disease treatments and supplements:

Top 10 Treatments Book

    The 5 Core Treatment Protocols
  1. The Antibiotic Rotation Protocol
  2. The Marshall Protocol
  3. The Salt / Vitamin C Protocol
  4. Detoxification
  5. Electromedicine (Rife Therapy)
    The 5 Supportive Supplements
  1. Systemic Enzymes
  2. Mangosteen
  3. Lithium Orotate
  4. Co-Enzyme Q10
  5. Magnesium

These treatment protocols and supplements were chosen not just for their individual effectiveness, but also their synergy when used together as part of a treatment program.  Lyme Disease is a multi-faceted illness and recovery requires use of multiple, cooperative treatments.

color bar A Comprehensive Guide

In addition to the above treatments and supplements, the book also equips you with a wealth of supportive information:

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