Family of Milbank Johnson, M.D.

October 13, 1871 - October 3, 1944

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Milbank Johnson was born in Columbus, Texas on Friday, October 13, 1871. His parents were Jehu Warner and Philadelphia Wheeler Borden Johnson. As a youngster, he attended a miliary academy, and later went to college at USC (University of Southern California) and graduated in 1890. He then went to Northwestern University, where he received a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1893. In 1898 he did additional post-graduate work at Johns Hopkins, and later in Europe. Northwestern University confirms that Johnson founded the Phi Rho Sigma fraternity in 1890. In 1893, he married Louiez Lothrop (1865-1920) of Galveston, Texas, and together had three children, Milbank Jr. who died as a baby in 1893, and two daughters, Louiez (1894-1952) and Evelyn (1897-1986). His wife's grandfather is thought to have been John Lothrop, captain of the 4 cannon steam warship Zavala for the Texas Navy, and later the 15 or 18 cannon Wharton, which was the only Texas Navy steam warship involved in a major battle at sea (The Wharton won.)

In 1920, Dr. Johnson's wife Louiez passed away, and later that year on September 8, 1920, he married Dr. Isabel Simeral (parents were George and Margaret (Kidd) Simeral of Bloomington, IL), who some years before received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia University, and lectured on the political and historical background of the First World War. The wedding was held at a private estate in nearby Altadena, Ca. (Mrs. Johnson, President of the Pasadena Playhouse Association from 1925 to 1928, was also one of the supporters which brought a new Pasadena Playhouse theatre to the city, and was noted as "a tangible assett in the cultural advancement of Pasadena". In her short biography, she indicates that she also wrote for the Los Angeles Times Magazine, and a number of eastern magazines.) Isabel was born on December 10, 1878, and apparently moved to the Pasadena area with her mother about 1918 following the death of her father.

Dr. Milbank Johnson became ill on Saturday, September 30th, 1944, and early Tuesday morning, October 3, 1944, was rushed to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena (originally the Pasadena General Hospital), where he died of a heart attack, just ten days before his 73rd birthday. The announcement of his passing reports him as a "Social Economist and Tax Authority", and it is mentioned that "he was always looking ahead, and never was content to live in the past." Indeed, a great man!

Isabel Simeral Johnson died on February 25, 1948 at 69 years of age. Dr. Johnson's daughters by his first marriage had married in years past, and were Louiez Johnson Webb (died in 1952) and Evelyn Johnson Bruner (died in 1986 in Alhambra, CA). Johnson's daughters lived in the Alhambra and South Pasadena (California) areas most of their lives.

We are seeking fiurther information on the family

Louiez Lothrop Johnson died in 1920

Isabel Simeral Johnson died on February 25, 1948 at 69 years of age

Milbank and Louiez' first child died as a baby

Louiez, their 2nd child, died at 58

Evelyn, their third child, died at 89


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