What IS the "Rife Effect"?


Updated 10/06/03

The "Rife Effect" a term coined by the author in a preliminary grant proposal in early 2002 (which awarded us startup funds, although the actual grant was never funded) refers to the emissions, electromagnetic or otherwise, from a modulated plasma lamp such as is used in the Rife/Bare, EMEM and similar "Rife" devices using plasma tubes or lamps..

In these devices, some form of energy is used to excite the noble gas or gasses inside a vacuum tube or bulb, similar to a fluorescent or neon tube, and that energy causes the gas atoms inside the lamp to glow as the atoms are pumped up to a higher energy state, then decay back to their unenergized, or ground, state.  As the energy provided grows, eventually enough of the gas will have lost one or more electrons, and there will be a sufficient number of gas ions present for the tube to start to conduct electricity. If monitoring the high voltage with a high-voltage probe and a fast oscilloscope, one will see a very high spike of voltage - perhaps thousands of volts - with lots of low to high and high to low transitions, almost like very high-frequency oscillations, until enough of the gas has ionized, then the tube starts conducting, and the voltage across it drops - often to just a few hundred volts, assuming the high voltage power supply can provide sufficient steady-state energy to keep the tube lit.

In most "Rife" devices nowdays, that voltage energy which energizes the lamp is modulated at various audio frequencies, and it is thought that the very high harmonics of the modulated plasma lamp causes some form of disruption to the cell wall of the targeted bacteria or virus. That disruption may be the cell rupturing, as Dr. James Bare shows on his website video with a paramecium (one celled pond animal), or it may be that the energy has caused the cell to start to leak internal enzymes, which then cause the body's immune system to more readily recognize the invader, and the immune system then then cleans up the invader.

I am not aware of anybody who knows what the actual "Rife Effect" actually is, or, more importantly, who has any way to measure it. Claims by various people, about how "effective" their machines are, become very subjective..  Effective compared to what? and - Show Me The Data...

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