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~ ~ ~ What Are Rife Machines? ~ ~ ~

Rife machines are devices which use audio frequencies which are applied in some fashion to an individual with the intent of bettering the individual's health. Other documents on this and other websites detail the diferences between machines.

Several types of "Rife machines" exist. Some with hand-held cylinders or contact pads connect to audio generators, while others use high voltage audio to energize plasma lamps, similar to fluorescent tubes, while the individual simply sits nearby, being exposed to the modulated light energy. Often the person treating themself falls asleep during the session, which may last over an hour, and some wake later feeling energized.

Little formal medical research has been done in the US, however, several types of frequency devices are medically licensed in Germany and other countries. In the US, generally the only FDA approved frequency machine is the TENS device, one of which was used in 1936 to assist the AMA's Dr. Morris Fishbein in recovery from Bell’s Palsy. TENS machines apply low frequency pulses to the skin, causing stimulation of the muscles. A few similar devices are under investigation for pain relief or for biofeedback uses.

In the 1940's, Caltech's Dr. Gennady Potapenko developed and built thousands of "Hyper-Pulse" machines for the US Navy for relief of sinus pain. Dr. Potapenko's machine delivered very short pulses of high voltage amplitude. No pain was felt by the patient. (Caltech Archives)

Frequency history comes from experiments on bacteria by private researcher Royal Rife in the 1930's in San Diego. Rife, a machinist, had some training in optics, and invented a microscope which he claimed was able to image live virus organisms. No remaining working Rife Microscopes exist today, although one with missing parts survives in London’s British Museum. Rife experimented on numerous disease bacteria, imaging them with his microscope while exposing the bacteria to light frequencies from his "Rife Ray Machine," a low power radio transmitter modulated by audio generators, and powering a helium-filled flask. That light illuminated the bacteria under study. Thousands of experiments on lab animals focused on breast cancer, and Rife claimed to have identified frequencies which “killed cancer” as well as many other disease organisms.

Recent experiments on safe E.coli cultures have been largely unable to duplicate these results, although some researchers report finding frequency protocols which resulted in the death of E.coli bacteria in culture.

Thousands of individuals have reported improved health states, i.e. good results, when exposed to various "Rife" machines while suffering from various afflictions, including arthritis, the flu, cataracts and some forms of cancer. Some theorize that the "Rife machines" may increase the activity of the body's immune system, however the manner in which this may occur is unknown.

Many claims have been made about Rife's work and about a clinic run by Pasadena's Dr. Milbank Johnson in La Jolla, Ca, in 1934 (but generally credited to Royal Rife.) Regardless of the claims, Dr. Johnson considered the clinic results to be inconclusive, although he conducted several other clinics in the 1930's, the last being at Pasadena's Scripps' Home for the Aged in 1936. There he determined that exposure to the Rife Ray Machine weekly over a few month period restored vision to almost all of the cataract patients he treated.

Only fragmentary records remain of these experiments, and of Rife and Dr. Johnson's work, although a large network of "Rife" enthusiasts has been growing rapidly in the last thirty years. Many build their own machines or purchase them from an expanding network of vendors.

Some distributors of such devices have found themselves "raided" in the early hours of the morning by the FDA and/or FTC, with local law enforcement providing the "muscle" - held at gunpoint for hours, and sometimes told they were being charged with murder. Rarely ever are actual charges ever filed, although one distributor was recently sentenced to several years in prison for selling an "unapproved" medical device. His claims that the technology predated the FDA and therefore should be grandfathered were not entertained by the court. The Prosecutor asked for a sentence in excess of 100 years in prison. The judge admonished the FDA for being far out of date regarding alternative therapies. Both the prosecution and the defense have stated they would appear the ruling.

One theory of illness and disease is that these states reflect “low energy” conditions in the body. The frequency energy absorbed from a Rife Machine may simply be sufficient to re-energize the body’s healing capabilities.

Prudent inclusion of such energy frequencies, especially when individuals are exhibiting slower rates of recovery, may be beneficial for those whose families request such additions to standard medical protocols.

Different machines, similar operations (from Curezone): (added April 2010)

There are many manufacturers of "Rife Machines" in the US, and in other countries. Rife's technology appeared to work, although the claim that 14 cancers were "cured" is not exactly true; a year later the MD who did the 1934 clinic was unable to contact or locate most of the patients, and one patient came back to him in 1935 with, you guessed it, cancer. The MD sent the patient for surgery.

The machines do "work" to some degree, although the pathology is not understood. They may help stimulate the immune system, they may in some cases weaken the pathogens, we just don't know. Lab tests with bacteria have been ineffective in slowing the growth rate of cultures using these devices.

Pad machines: There are many types of contact pad machines out there, costing anywhere from under a thousand dollars to over two thousand dollars. For some types of problems, these seem to work well, as long as one doesn't mind holding onto contact cylinders for an hour every day, or somehow having the contacts attached. Another lower-cost version uses a PC or laptop computer to generate the frequencies, feeding that signal to an amplifier which then connects to contact pads.

Ray Tube devices: Ray tube machines are not in contact with the person, they're set up a few feet away, and require no actual contact - handy for sitting on a couch and reading! The frequencies often help one to go to sleep, so having a device which shuts off automatically is good. (The Ray Tube is similar to a fluorescent lamp, and usually is much shorter than commercial lamps. Some have large glass bubbles as part of the lamp.)

There are four different technologies used in this type of Rife Machine, costing from two thousand to seven thousand dollars. The lowest cost machine uses a car ignition coil and an audio generator and amplifier to ignite a plasma tube, or by a PC or laptop computer running a frequency generation program and amplifier.  Another device uses a high-frequency coil to do the same thing, and studies are showing this may be much more effective. Yet another technology uses an audio generator to basically modulate a boosted 120 VAC power source to ignite a plasma lamp. The last device uses a radio transmitter to power the plasma lamp, modulated by an audio generator. This machine may be the closest thing to what Royal Raymond Rife (not a "Dr." regardless what anybody claims) did with his machines in the 1930's.

Dr. Milbank Johnson, the MD who ran the 1934 clinic was not convinced that this was a cure-all, and never made any statements about "cures" etc, regardless what the popular press claims. He went on to run other clinics in the Los Angeles area, and in 1936 determined that plasma lamp frequency emissions were very successful in healing cataracts. He halted his research with the machines in 1938.

The machines all "work" but its not known how they work. I have personally seen overnight recoveries from the flu using two different types of plasma lamp machines. The machines are not a "Cure", regardless what some promoters claim. Used with a good nutritional and exercise program, the devices do seem to be able to help with many conditions, including arthritis, the flu, and many illnesses.

The machines are generally safe when used properly. Keep in mind that none of these machines have been FDA approved in the US, although there are a few similar machines which are medically approved in some other European countries.

A few machines are starting to show up as FDA approved as biofeedback devices, or as TENS machines for muscle relation or for pain relief. That is about as far as the American Medical System is willing to go in accepting this non-pharmaceutical health improvement system.

More about Royal Rife:

For the record, Dr. Milbank Johnson passed away from a heart attack, well documented in the press. He was not poisoned, etc. Much of the popular "Rife Story" out there in the popular press is nonsence. The 1934 Clinic happened, iIts results were not what has been touted, else the list of patients would be a public document, rather than being hidden away in someone's archives where nobody can research what happened to the dozen or so patients. We do know that one 1934 patient returned to Dr. Johnson in 1935 with cancer, and was sent off to a surgeon. Most of the 1934 patients could not be located a year later.

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