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Notice: We really like the PEMF machine ! Used for racehorses and other critters !

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NEW! Video of organism being destroyed by non-contact "Rife" Device

National Institute of Medicine: “The lag between the discovery of more effective forms of treatment and their incorporation into routine patient care averages 17 years"

~ ~ ~ What IS a Rife Machine? ~ ~ ~ NEW!

  • The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy 
  • THE industry-standard handbook of using frequencies! 744 pages, Indexed, Much more info, hardback.
  • Product which helps neuropathy - chemo Nerve damage and strokes etc ... See Here ! NEW !!
  • Hemp resin against Cancer? You decide ... (Watch the videos...)
  • DNA derived frequencies service! Char Boehm's patented method of determining frequencies!!
  • TriField Meter - Measure the magnetic, static and RF fields from your Rife equipment
  • SAUNA Handbook - Saunas are great for ridding the body of ailments!
  • LYME DISEASE and RIFE MACHINES, Book, Information & Websites   
  • LYME Community Forum, Great!! New Resource
  • LYME - MD-Junction, other Online Support Groups
  • Rife Journal - Dr. Bare's paper and Spreadsheets on how frequencies are developed!
  • Rife Machines - Rife and Rife-Bare, EMEM   Info on EMEM machines, Bare-Rife devices, Vendors, plasma tubes etc
  • Frequency Generators  Information on the more popular frequency generators
  • History of Royal Rife, Dr. Milbank Johnson, and theories on the Rife Effect
  • EMEM Construction - Building your own EMEM-type plasma lamp device
  • PEMF Machines - coming !!!
  • Molecular Enhancer - Something new and related to frequency energy and healing.. 
  • Low Dose Naltrexone - Site has information on this inexpensive cancer-fighting material
  • Coil Machines - experimental devices for Lyme Disease
  • Complementary and Alternative Health sites and medical professionals
  • Conventional Medicine Doctors and sites we feel have good information to share 
  • NEWS! Latest Health-Related ALERTS & news stories
  • Environmental Sites of Interest - Links & Interesting Explorations!!
  • Microscope News!  Articles of interest on high-resolution light microscopes. 
  • Nutritional and Health Supplements information
  • Opinion on alternative cancer treatment and opinions from various sources
  • Research on Plasma Spectra, Cell Culture studies and other areas of study
  • BOOKS - Books on Cancer Therapies, Diets, as well as on Rife and Bare/Rife devices  

  • Contacts - email us! (Send to feltdd - at - verizon.net )
  • Photo Gallery (Botanical Gardens, Butterflies, Flowers)

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    Benjamin Rush, M.D. and signer of the Constitution of the United States, wrote:
    "The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom as well as religious freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic. Doctors are not Gods they can only do their best within the limitations imposed on them. Medicine is the art of healing and is not an exact science".

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