Conventional Medicine

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Dr. Henry Lai - Chinese treatment for cancer ? CLICK on Title!


Gilad and Gilad - Nutritional supplement which helps nerve damage from chemo and strokes .. NEW !!

Lynn Rose Demartini The Indigo Center, McDade, Texas (Near Austin) is a center offering theraputic options in a  teaching environment on current complementary and alternative healing, health, and lifestyle issues. .

Doctor Yourself    The world's largest Health Homesteading site!

BioMed Central    BioMed Central publishes peer reviewed research across all areas of biology and medicine, with immediate, barrier-free access for all.

Praxis Post    Practical Answers for Patients and Physicians.. Online database.

Praxis Post Magazine   Online magazine for the above site.

ONLINE Medical Encyclopaedia - Drug3k - Prescription drug information for consumers from Europe (no sales)


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