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which may be used for EMEM and Bare/Rife devices.

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Frequency Generators / Function Generators

The following listing of frequency generators for the Rife and EMEM user is by no means complete, and we reserve the right to list manufacturers and devices at our option.  CLICK ON THE NAMES to go to the devices' website.


Rife for Life  SquareGenPro  $ 950   <== NEW !

The SquareGENpro+ provides accurate frequency generation for use in both high voltage (EMEM) and RF (Bare-Rife) type outputs and includes a separate output at the appropriate impedances and user adjustable voltages for direct contact pad applications. Connects to PC for programming and for waveform monitoring. Output can drive EMEM and Bare/Rife devices. Display: PC screen. Size approx 9" x 6 " x 1"  Weight: approx 12 oz.  Power is 120 vac or 220 vac (separate models).

Progen II 4050 FG: $ 980 CAD   <== UPDATED MODEL

Self-contained frequency instrument and pad device, also comes with LED probes. One hertz to 999,999 hertz with 0.001 Hz accuracy at 10Khz, pulsing, frequency spreads and sweeps, 40 banks with 50 levels per bank. Newer model may be programmed with PC. Storage: Can store 38,000 individual frequencies Output 0 to + or minus 12 volts using BNC jack, adjustible. Powered by + 9v to +12 volt DC adapter. Output can drive EMEM and Bare/Rife devices. Display: LCD Window, backlit. Has Standby Program mode. Size: 5" x 6" x 1" Weight: 12 ounces.

Sequoia Hammerhead FG: $ 720  

75 program banks, 50 frequency sets per bank, user programmable Frequency range: 000.001 Hz to 999999 Hz, pulsing available Maximum storage capacity of 71250 individual frequencies. Output 0 volts to +5 volts via BNC jack. Powered by 12 vdc. For frequency generation only, cannot be used as a pad device without amplification. Output can drive EMEM and Bare/Rife devices. Display: LCD Window Size: 9.25" x 5.15" x 1.35" Weight: 8 Oz.  NOTE: not for use with Bare/Rife devices or where there may be RF in the area. Probably ok for EMEM use.

F 125 FG : $ 495     F170 FG  $1499  <== NEW !

Self-contained frequency generators, can be used as a pad device, and some models come pre-programmed with the "TrueRife" frequencies. Can run hundreds or thousands of frequency program files from a PC. Gated outputs, sweeps, loops available. Outputs: Two BNC jacks: TTL output 0 to 5 volts, 0 hertz to 20 Mhz; Other output adjustable 0 to 13 VDC (0 to 26 VAC) 0 to 30 Mhz, short-circuit protected, and may be either fully positive or centered around ground.   Display: 2 lines x 16 characters LCD. Size 3.35" x 6.5" x 1.25". Weight: Estimated 12 Oz.  Powered by 19 - 24 VAC wallmount transformer (provided). May be programmed with PC using USB port. Several models available from under $500 to about $1500 US. The various generators are similar but different, please check the specifications carefully.

GB4000 Function Generator: $ 1,795 ($ 2,415 with optional amplifier)  

Self-contained programmable generator, 0.25 Hertz to 20 MHz, has RF carrier frequency available in RF mode. 2000 user channels available with 48 frequencies each available. Output: Audio Mode 0 to 35 volts or more, sine wave or square wave, pulsing optional. RF Mode up to 85 volts. Its audio output can be set down to drive an EMEM type device, although an adapter may be needed. Display: LCD screen.  Size: 12" x 8" x 4". Weight: 2 Lbs.

BCX Ultra Frequency Generator: The BCX ULTRA Frequency Instrument including 2- hand-held plasma gas tubes - $2695 complete. Factory preset programs (80 single or 40 dual frequencies) available are: 1424.  User programs (80 single or 40 dual frequencies) available are: 256.  Various waveform types available are: 15.  Frequency range available is: 1 Hz. to 1.67 MHz (RF).

Stand-Alone NON-Programmable Function Generator Instruments.

These are off the shelf devices used in the electronics industry. (Prices are approximate)

Ramsey Electronics   SG560WT - $ 330  Audio/RF Signal Generator, 10 Mhz, 6 memory locations, high accuracy LCD readout

B&K Precision Function Generator: Adjust manually for a single frequency output, Model#4011A $315  5 Mhz function generator with 4 digit LED readout. Rife use really needs greater resolution on the frequency readout, 5 digit or above recommended.

B&K Precision  Sweep/Function Generators: Adjust manually for single frequency output or for a sweep of frequency over a set range.

Note that the frequency sweep function on most devices may require an additional instrument to create an increasing voltage "ramp" to cause the generator to "sweep" from one frequency up to a higher frequency. Please examine the instrument's data sheet carefully before purchasing. Available from most electronics suppliers: Mouser Electronics, Digi-Key Electronics, Newark Electronics, etc.

Model#4003A  $259  4 Mhz sweep generator with 5 digit LED readout.

Model#4012A  $355  5 Mhz sweep generator with 4 digit LED readout.

Model#4017A  $399 10 Mhz sweep generator with 5 digit LED readout.

Model#4040A  $599 20 Mhz sweep generator with 5 digit LED readout.

Electronix Express Model FG8220 $ 399  0.2Hz to 20MHz frequency output in 8 ranges, 4-in-one instrument. Offers sweep, function, pulse and 8 digit Frequency Counter. Offers sine, square, triangle and more waveforms.. Very nice unit!  <== NEW!!

Global Specialties - Model 2030   $ 325   3 Mhz sweep generator with 6 digit backlit LCD readout. Model PW2120   $ 715  20 Mhz sweep generator with 5 digit LED readout.

Instek Instruments - many models, SFG-2104 DDS  to 4 Mhz Function Generator with sweep mode and 6-digit LED frequency readout $ 360,  SFG-2110 DDS to 10 hz Function Generator with sweep mode and 6-digit LED frequency readout $ 420  Other models available.

Many function generators are available in the industry - far too many to list here - and there are often sales of the devices. Ebay also has such devices on auction quite often; search on function generator or sweep generator. Buyer Beware on auction instruments, although most Ebay sellers are pretty honest about their claims. "Powers On" is a warning signal - might be better to look for one which says fully tested and working and offers money back if not working !

Software Function Generators - Freeware, Shareware, Commercial

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Blaster-5  Shareware/ Freeware (Thanks to Jimmie Holman; software from Keely-net) Runs in a DOS screen on most PCs.

Frex  Freeware by Ken UzzellOne of the BEST frequency generator packages available, includes the CAFL by pull-up menu. If you're new to frequency therapy, then Frex is a great tool to aid your learning curve, without you having to commit to making a purchase. Frex16 (current version) is a time-out shareware version; you'll want to register it! (approx $60) When you get to their webpage, CLICK ON FREX. Note that DFE Research can supply FREX on CD for a nominal charge if you cannot download it. Older versions may be needed for older PCs. MacIntosh - FREX will probably run using the PC Emulator on newer Macs. Sorry, no specific Mac version available.

OSPGen - a PC Based frequency generator from Dave Jeffers, download (at bottom of page), and save to desktop, click to start. NEW!

RBTENGEN - From Skidmore University, a freeware frequency generator for the Mac (OS 10.4 and above) !!  Intended for the OM-1 Bare-Rife machine, it is probably suitable to various other devices as well.  Thanks, Skidmore U!!

Rife Generator by Timo Esser (Commercial, $30 approx.) Free for 30 days, then a license must be purchased. Very nice package, although on the version I purchased there are only 4 memories for preset frequency and pulsing conditions.

TGen1.0 (Commercial, $25 approx.) TGen1.0 plays up to 15 simultaneous frequencies while the 95/98 version offers 5 simultaneous frequencies. Tone sequence programs can be stored to disk and recalled. Other features include sweeps, frequency distortions, a pause button, start and stop buttons, tone pulsing and a variety of wave forms (sin, square, sawtooth, triangle, heartbeat, and noise).

More to come (we hope..)

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