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FDA RAIDS ...  In the last year agents of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), accompanied by local law enforcement (and even Federal Police!) personnel, have raided the homes and businesses of several "Rife" instrument manufacturers, seizing equipment, records, computers etc ...  It is of interest that these raids do NOT appear on the FDA's official "Enforcement Activities" website, and no charges are brought against anybody. They just put the vendor out of business, close their websites, etc.   This sounds like a class-action lawsuit brewing. 

If anybody still thinks that the United States is a free country, think again.

Don't let the FDA take away your right to buy vitamins and nutritional products!! CLICK HERE!

MEDICAL ALERT !!! Click HERE to go to the Medical Alert Website! Thanks!!

HEALTH FREEDOM ACTIVIST Tim Bolen's website. Click to go to the latest in the battle against the Quackbusters.

Aspartame Alert - why nobody should be drinking or eating anything containing it!

NEWS - Virus implicated in many breast cancers!

NEWS - Johns Hopkins - Vitamins C and E TOGETHER may help fight Alzheimer's

NEWS - Johns Hopkins - Vitamins C and E may help fight vision loss

NEWS - Mercury in vaccines now linked to autism-type brain damage in mice


Mercury in Vaccines?    DOES it cause AUTISM in infants? Read research alerts here! NEW!

NEW!  July issue of Molecular Psychiatry paper links thimerosal in vaccines with autism-like brain damage in mice.

 Note - there is evidence now suggesting that autism is genetic, and that most of us have defenses against heavy metals such as mercury, however, SOME babies even a few days old apparently don't have the gene which allows them to excrete the metals (in hair and other wastes..) which they may be getting from their mother, possibly even before they were born.  There is also new evidence that mother's milk, in the first few weeks of feeding, may have high levels of metals. Very Possible!

Aspartame Warnings - VERY interesting info!

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Fluoride Warnings!

Sites with articles on fluorides

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone information

Think milk is good? Maybe. Have a look here ...

International Advocates for Health Freedoms

Interesting information (but be careful about getting on their mailing list!)

The WINDs News Server - World Internet News


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