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Notice: We are interested in working with medical professionals who would like to do clinical experiments with Plasma Lamp devices in the NE Los Angeles area.

CAUTION - many sites advertise themselves as selling "Rife" equipment. Please investigate for yourself, and exercise great caution before purchasing any form of "Rife" equipment. Does the vendor have full-time support staff? Do they have a guarantee, or money-back warranty?  Can you call information and locate their company phone number?   Rife's original equipment used a plasma gas tube only, as do the Rife-Bare, EMEM and similar machines today. Later versions, sold by his associate John Crane in the 1950's, used "pad"- type electrodes for the feet and/or hands. There is evidence that some of these devices may be of benefit in some cases, and a very few may work better than a plasma device for certain conditions. Price is no indicator of how the good the device may be.

 Note that the FDA, a few years ago, and again in 2009, closed down at least two manufacturers of pad-type devices and raided a private citizen's home in their zeal to "protect" the public. (These raids are never shown on the FDA's "Enforcements" website.)  In 2010, a distributor of contact pad devices was convicted of selling unlicensed medical devices and sent to prison. Disallowed by the Judge was testimony about the devices existing before the FDA came into being, and thus should have been "grandfathered".   Updated 04/18/12

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What Is Rife technology?(Block Diagrams)         What IS the Rife Effect?       Brief history of Royal R. Rife

Timeline of Rife Machine history 1929-1995            See a history of Dr. Milbank Johnson


RifeHandbook3.jpg Book - THE RIFE HANDBOOK OF FREQUENCY THERAPY and Holistic Health by Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. (Speaker at the 2002 Rife Conference!) At over 744 pages, this is THE book listing how one approaches healing using Rife devices, combined with nutritional information and other forms of healing modalities which may be of assistance. Indexed and with a new Frequency List! Click HERE for the book's webpage!

   ~ ~ ~ PLASMA LAMP MACHINES ~ ~ ~  

The following listing of Plasma Lamp devices is by no means complete, and we reserve the right to list manufacturers and devices at our option.

Check HERE for a brief comparison of various "Rife" devices (from Dr. Richard Loyd, 2002)


~ ~ ~ Bare-Rife / Rife-Bare Devices ~ ~ ~

Bare-Rife (also known as Rife-Bare) devices use a frequency generator, a radio, amplifier and tuner to modulate a plasma tube which is being driven by the high-voltage signal. Because of the cost of components, these systems generally cost between $2,500 and $6,000. They are a radiant device, and are not generally used where one is in contact with the plasma tube. These are our favorite machines.

Resonant Light - Don Tunney's site - more experience in using Rife-Bare devices than any site in the world! Was licensed by Health Canada for pain relief.   Related: The Batyah Project - which started the research project into using Rife-Bare devices!

Dr. James Bare, D.C.   See paramecium rupture due to frequencies running on a plasma tube a meter away!  Dr. Bare's page on constructing the Bare-Rife machine: The book, the videotape, and lots of links to other sites. Build your own Rife-Bare machine (it is estimated that there are over four thousand Bare-Rife machines in the world today.)  Does not sell systems, does have components available for sale, and you can build your own machine!

MOPA from AAA Productions - Used with the GB4000 Contact type Frequency Generator, the Master Oscillator Power Amplifier mostly duplicates what Rife used in his Lab when used with a Plasma Lamp. NEW!!

W5JGV - Ralph Hartwell's site, tons of information and even plans for a Rife Machine you can build!


~ ~ ~ EMEM and Related Devices ~ ~ ~

EMEM machines are often much less expensive than the Bare-Rife machines due to considerably lower equipment costs. Some EMEM type units have been on the market for as low as $600 or so, often depending on the frequency generator chosen. EMEM devices are often used as both radiant devices and as a contact device. Most of these come with an internal adjustible frequency source, and can also be used with an external frequency generator, either preprogrammed and user programmable like the Progen 4050 from Resonant Light above, or a program running on a PC, such as Frex-12. Be sure to talk to the vendor about the signal input source.


Pulsed Technology Inc - Not quite an EMEM, but similar in some ways. Jimmie Holman's site offering information on the new P3 Plasma machine, and the required PFG Function Generator which connects to a PC. Expensive, these devices are rivaling the top of the line Bare-Rife and other plasma machines. The P3 has the capability to run up to 100,000 hertz - many researchers are reporting that the higher frequencies are much more effective. NEW!

ALTERNATIVE HEALTH APPROACHES FORUM - Bruce Stenulson's site, offering some of the information collected and written on Bio-electronics, Electro-medicine, and related alternate health information. Offers the 6C EM+ and 7C EM+ Systems, as well as new Magnetic devices. Available within the USA only, and on a limited basis for researchers only, research agreement covering use of the devices and other conditions is required before sale or lease. BCX211 Pad machine and BCX411 plasma "Pad" unit - Interesting mixture of a plasma lamp device and a pad device, one of the older technologies on the market, and one which has been noted as quite effective.

Brain Tuner, BCX-411 Site - Information on this pad and/or plasma lamp device. Highly rated by some users. NOT an EMEM, but highly rated.

Harmonic Research - BCX411-COMPUTERIZED RAY TUBE - device uses direct contact noble gas-filled tubes. Highly rated plasma lamp contact machine. Not an EMEM, but an excellent device!

Total Health Associates - Tom Harrelson's Device: ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER II, formerly known as BioEneray XL3 Plasma Tube Unit. 

TrueRife Systems - Mike T's site, a number of Very Good EMEM type devices, F-110 frequency generators etc, lots of information. The "Rife Story" given here is, I believe, not very accurate. Excellent frequency manual available online.

Dr. Richard Loyd, Ph.D. Information on many areas of alternative health including Rife-Bare machines, EMEM2 machines, Zappers, Thumpers, frequency lists.  Website usually has used frequency devices available. Construction article available on building EMEM device.

EMEM-type device Construction Notes! Information on building your own low-cost (under $500) EMEM-type plasma device (Under constant construction, check back later.. Note that we do not sell systems.)  For systems, see Alternative Health Approaches and other websites above.

USED MACHINES AVAILABLE - See Dr. Loyd's website of listings of used equipment available. NEW!

~ ~ ~ Related Devices ~ ~ ~

RifeTech  - Gary Wade's site,  a unique and effective alternative medicine approach. The technology is not new but the application invented by Gary Wade is. Many of Gary's papers and articles are here. Uses a contact pad transducer, has been reported as quite effective.

FREQUENCY GENERATORS - Webpage lists many popular frequency generators. NEW!

DNA Pathogen Frequencies - Char Boehm's website of a Patented mathematical means of calculating frequency for a given organism. Note this is a commercial service - after years of doing this for free by special request, Char's company deserves to be reimbursed for their services! NEW!

~ ~ ~ Plasma Tubes for Bare-Rife and EMEM Systems ~ ~ ~

Barry Allred - Tubes for Rife-Bare, EMEM and other applications. "E Gas" (Argon and Neon, special combination) available. Barry has passed on, we hope someone picks up his exacting and impressive place in the plasma tube business!

Absolutely Neon - Leaded Glass Tubes

Bill's Rife Page Bill Cheb's Plasma Tubes, plus articles dealing with Health, Healing and the human condition.

Frequency Lists, the CAFL

Consolidated Annotated Frequency List, and Char's DNA-derived Frequencies

The Electroherbalism Homepage: The CAFL - Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (Rife Frequencies), BioElectronics (Information on various types of Rife or Rife-related devices), Nutritional Products, and Naturopathy.

DNA Pathogen Frequencies: This is Charlene Boehm's website where patented mathematical formula are used to determine the experimental frequencies for given pathogens. NEW!!

~ ~ ~ Pad Devices ~ ~ ~

Note: there is only one pad device which we like, the GB-4000 machine with (or without) the external amplifier. See above for the Master Oscillator Power Amplifier unit which converts this excellent frequency generator into a versatile plasma lamp machine!

AAA Productions   Distributor of the GB-4000, amplifier, and the MOPA unit.


~ ~ ~ Historical Information, Articles, Letters, Photos from the Rife Era ~ ~ ~

Rife Plasma Digest.. Stan Trumans' site, probably the greatest number of original Rife documents, photos and information available on the internet. Some of Physicist Gary Wade's research papers are here, too.

Rife Information Forum - Europe - a fascinating site with many research papers, and notes on Royal Rife.

Engineer Aubrey Scoon's website - Photos of a 1939 Rife Ray Machine! Aubrey has documentation on many aspects of the 2nd generation Ray Machine, almost certainly manufactured by Philip Hoyland, who is shown in court documents (signed by himself and Royal Rife) as the co-inventor of the Rife Ray Machine. Note: Click on ElectroTherapy for the Rife pages, history, Beam Ray machine photos etc. Lots of information here!

Ralph Hartwell's site, including experimental work on Rife devices..

BHive Research and Development Information on the original machine by Royal Raymond Rife

Robert Cathey - Research Source This site has information on many disease and healing sources.

~ ~ ~ Rife Conferences ~ ~ ~

Videotape and Speakers information from Rife Conference 2004

Summaries of the 6th Rife Conference 2003 in Seattle

Summaries of the 5th Rife Conference 2002 in Las Vegas

Summaries of the 4th Rife Conference 2000 from Edmonton, Canada

~~~ Related information ~~~

BLAST-IT!  Site with information from John Crane, the Blast-It book, etc.. 

Gaston Naessens - His studies and microscope closely paralleled that of Royal Rife.

Synthesis of the Work of Enderlein, Bechamps and other Pleomorphic Researchers


~ ~ ~ Reference and Scientific Information Sites ~ ~ ~

Rife Journal - Online News Magazine with news and updated information of interest to the Rife Plasma Lamp Community!   Includes Plasma Lamp presentations at various conventions. Not currently very active.

Plasma Wave Research  - Site deals in upcoming studies of plasma wave devices on cell cultures, differing plasma tubes etc.  Not currently very active.

Light Spectrum of Tubes This site used to show the spectral lines generated by common gasses, and we're trying to find its replacement. Important for researchers!

USAF Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook "Published with the objective of providing the best information .. available about electromagnetic energy absorption."


USAF Technical Reports A WEALTH of information!!

Periodic Tables of the Elements (information on the noble gasses)

~ ~ ~ Parts Suppliers ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ Electronics Parts and Components Suppliers ~ ~ ~

(we get NO commission etc from these, other than sales from DFE Research)

Mouser Electronics  - a broad line electronic components distributor - My FAVORITE supplier, good online catalog, FAST shipping and good prices. More hardware items, but less stock than DigiKey. Very good people!

DigiKey - Electronics parts and components web site. Online catalog is slightly difficult to use, but better than most. If they list a part as in stock - you'll receive it quickly. Good people.

All Electronics - Primarily a surplus supplier, they have a wide range of items in the electronics and electro-mechnical areas. Sometimes they have items not available anywhere else (high-voltage wire, larger heat sinks, etc..) Their catalog is usually out of date, an email or phone call will see what they have currently!

DFE Research - We carry heavy flat braid for grounding cables, High Voltage wire, etc .. supplier of misc and hard-to-find parts, etc ... Email us!

Electronix Express - Electronics test equipment and components, a wide range of items, although not much depth in the components line. Online catalog difficult to use.

Express Electronics Inc .. Supplier of much of the electronics necessary to build a RB machine.

Jameco Electronics - Another all-purpose electronics parts supply store with an emphasis on hardware items. Good Online catalog and ordering system!

Ocean State Electronics - another wide range of electronic and electrical components, test equipment etc. Online catalog reasonably easy to use, although their online ordering is very clumsy.

Ramsey Electronics - all kinds of kit and pre-built electronics, good guys!

Radio Shack    Carries some misc. parts, but no longer a full-line supplier to the hobbiest.

Newark Electronics - Another supplier of almost everything electronic. Be cautioned, Newark sometimes sends out items from all over the country, so the shipping charges may add up.

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