The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy

and Holistic Health

by Nenah Sylver, Ph.D.

        Updated Aug 11, 2018              

NEW ~~ 2011 Edition !!


We are pleased to offer this fantastic hands-on Handbook! 

Nenah Sylver, Ph.D., speaker at the 2002 Rife Conference, has been researching frequency healing for many years. At over 744 pages, the greately revised book details how one approaches frequency-energy healing using frequency devices, combined with nutritional information and other forms of healing modalities which may be of assistance...

Comments on The Rife Handbook:

Rife_Handbook_2011"There is a complete paucity of well written material on Dr. Royal Rife. Resonant Frequency Therapies are essentially unknown to the populace as a whole. Yet hundreds of thousands of people, from the skilled professional to the layperson, are using such devices with phenomenal success in the treatment of disease. Dr. Rife's innovative technological discoveries involve many different scientific disciplines, and groundbreaking research in optical physics, electronics and the electronic treatment of disease. His legacy upsets the present scientific paradigm, but will eventually reshape our world. Dr. Sylver's book should do much to dispel the clouds of ignorance of the genius of Dr. Rife, and help open the minds of people to what is now a worldwide technological shift. This Handbook is long overdue". - James E. Bare, DC, Chiropractor, and Inventor of the patented Rife/Bare frequency therapy device

"This meticulously researched book examining the discoveries and inventions of Royal Raymond Rife provides new and ample documentation to lend credence to his theories. In addition, Dr. Sylver's supporting information on a variety of wellness issues is fascinating. The chapters 'The Politics of illness and the Nature of Health' and 'Suggestions to Strengthen and Support Your System' are a compilation of cutting edge data, brilliantly interpreted. It is rewarding to see a new generation of health professionals postulating what I have been saying for 30 years. If you are interested in exploring Rife frequencies as an alternative source, or in acquiring new information to help with decisions about your health, this book will be a valuable addition to your library." - Phyllis A. Balch, CNC and author of Prescription for Herbal Healing, Prescription for Dietary Wellness, and Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

Table of  Contents: (744 pages Plus)

Forward. Richard Loyd, Ph.D.

Preface. Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D.

1. The Politics of Illness and the Nature of Health

2. The History of Pleomorphism and the Inventions of Royal Raymond Rife

3. Complementary Therapies

4. Frequently Asked Questions about Rife Equipment and Sessions (Expanded)

5. Frequency Directory: An alphabetical, annotated, fully cross-referenced list of symptom pictures and frequencies for rife technology instruments.

6. Creating a Better World, Inside and Out

Appendix A. Resources

Appendix B. Legal Implications of Rife Sessions

Appendix C. Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies

Appendix D. Selected Published Studies in Electromedicine

Appendix E. Rife Research in the United States



A large amount of history in using frequency devices is included. Extremely interesting and valuable reading!!


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