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Cancer - Thoughts on what I'd do about cancer if it were me …

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I am not in any way a medical person, and I absolutely do NOT diagnose, treat, prescribe or in any way suggest that anything in this document is what another person should do. If ill, please see a qualified medical practitioner (preferably one who is not bound to the "Only One Way" theory of cancer treatment). Most medical professionals are dedicated to our health, but their training, plus the legal and medical system today, does not permit the concept of "alternatives". The term "complementary" rests somewhat easier on them, in that it is not automatically an attack on what they know and do. The MD's can, in most cases, remove a cancer from our bodies, although it would seem that little they currently know looks at the approach of helping the body to keep cancers from growing, or helping the immune system to fight it successfully to start with. I have the greatest respect for the professionals using the tools they've been provided. At the same time, I am disgusted that the medical and legal system wears blinders - they're only interested in chemicals and drugs for treating what is, in my opinion, an immune system problem. It took medicine a very long time to accept Louis Pasteur's germ theory (portions of which are still "iffy" - many diseases are, in my opinion, immune system problems, not strictly diseases from germs.) The same goes today - research dollars are mostly given to programs that promote the drug and chemical treatment programs. Programs which may be effective, but don't support the Cancer Industry, aren't supported or publicised, and many are even considered quackery - Indeed, the FDA is slowly (and with the greatest reluctance possible) approving methods which have for years been scorned (and prosecuted) as quackery - methods which have been found to work, but which didn't support the pharmaceutical industry. From the US Government's own databases and public record, the long term survival rate from cancer today is only about 60% - up perhaps only 8% from the early 1960's, when the "War on Cancer" was declared. Clearly, the Cancer Industry is barking up the wrong tree, and ignoring methods in which they aren't interested.


There is no one "magic pill" for treating serious diseases such as cancer. Just buying or building a plasma lamp device, or a contact pad device (many, but not all, of which I feel are mostly hype and sales talk) by itself will not "cure" such diseases. Such a serious condition requires full and intensive nutritional support, life-style changes and so on.  My work with plasma lamp devices has led me to believe that exposing the body to frequencies - whether by a plasma lamp, contact pad devices or even sound exposures - works by encouraging the "leakage" of diseased or weakened cells, and such leakage is then detected by the body's immune system, and the body can start to repair itself if the immune system isn't too damaged. Plasma lamp devices do not "cure" anything, but I believe that when used properly along with a serious nutritional campaign, cleansings, lots of pure water, etc., they can assist, and disease may be successfully overcome.  I believe that a specific few contact pad devices may be an excellent way to get frequency energy into the body - but I do not agree with most of the claims the vendors of these devices make. Likewise, there are several plasma lamp devices on the market, and I also feel some of them are worth looking at. Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality or after-sale support, etc. At the same time, the manufacturers have to make money too, and are operating in a very hostile environment in today's highly regulated world.

Probably the most important thing one can do to start treating cancer is get a thorough cleansing, both inside and out. Lemon and distilled water (Note - ALL water mentioned herein is filtered water with no fluorides or chlorine if possible, both of which are poisons) to cleanse the gall bladder. Consider serile warm water colonics (enemas) possibly with weak sterile organic coffee, following the instructions to insure a thorough cleansing of the colon (introduce the warm water slowly, and after inserted, roll over onto the right side so as to cleanse the section all the way up to the appendix.
The Gersen clinics do this several times a day. An easier method (not as thorough) - Essiac herbal tea - may be used to also cleanse the system - at least it works on me. If using Essiac, follow the directions and be close to the bathroom the next two days - it does promote a thorough cleansing. Like it or not, one of the growing theories is that we all have a good number of parasites in us, in our blood, everywhere - and when their byproducts eventually overload the immune system, cancer develops in the weakened body. Hot baths with cleansing agents - epsom salts, etc, followed by a rinse in cool water helps to clean the skin and reseal the pores. During detox, the more one does to cleanse both the inside and the outside of the body is valuable.


Immune System Boosters - see the note under Resources, below, for Maitake D-Fraction products, and Maharishi Ayurveda products Ambrosia and Nectar.  Dr. Eric Scheinbart uses these products with his cancer patients. Beta 1-3,1-6,Glucan products appear to be the active ingredient in maitake mushrooms, and this product is available from a number of sources. See the website HERE for Dr. Scheinbart's paper.

Nutrition is extremely important - if the body's immune system were working properly, we wouldn't have cancer. Almost all cancer specialists say that the cancer "seeds" are in us all the time, but the immune system keeps them under control. When the immune system is weakened, the body's defenses are lowered, and the system can no longer keep the cancers under control. It is vital that one not be smoking or drinking alcohol (or doing drugs of any kind) if one wishes to recover!
A good vitamin AND mineral program is vital - Multi-vitamins, making sure that vitamins A, C, E and minerals - including trace elements AND selenium. This won't be one tablet, it may be several tablets twice a day, and additional vitamin C (calcium ascorbate - not ascorbic acid) three or four times a day. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 are necessary, there are some studies that too much vitamin B6 may enhance cancer's growth, so limit that, and too much B12 may be harmful.   Note that recent (Feb., 2004) studies from Johns Hopkins Medical Institute/University have shown a beneficial effect of the combination of at least 500 mg of vitamin C, PLUS at least 400 IU of mixed tocopherals natural Vitamin E, in helping to ward off Alzeimers Disease, as well as in helping to ward off macular degeration. They report the vitamins need to be taken at the same time to achieve this result. Additionally, many alternative practitioners urge increased magnesium, especially for "older" adults (Magnesium Asporotate) - but for men especially, be sure NOT to use Calcium AND Magnesium - the calcium may build up and help cause blocking of the arteries or other heart problems. Vitamin D3 is being shown as a cancer fighter, too, and my personal MD says that 20% of his clients feeling "listless" test as low in vitamin D. One physician recommends a minimum of 2000mg a day, and possibly more. Men generally do not need more iron, either, another possible heart problem supplement.

Dr. Linus Pauling's Vitamin C studies, as well as several others, showed that high levels of vitamin C (introvenous at the levels used) was effective in bringing remissions of some cancers - but those were hospital studies, and the vitamin C levels were far too high to be done in the home. Regardless, vitamin C is necessary to health.
Fiber - One's fiber intake from soluble and insoluble fibers should be at least 20 grams a day - it's difficult to get that much fiber, but give it a good try. Refer to the "Options" book (below) for information on nutritional programs.
Meats - One should avoid red meats, and try to get to a primarily vegetarian diet (some fish is OK, even good). The Gersen Clinics immediately place patients on a total veggie and fruit diet, combined with coffee enemas, lots and lots of juices and nutritionals, exercise, etc. They also remove any mercury from dental fillings, as more and more is revealed about mercury and its effect on the human immune system. One physician advises, for older men having prostate problems, avoid red meat as if they were poisons, and find a supplement high in beta sitosterol (750 mg a day) plus all the standard prostate supplements. See supplement information here.

Vegetables - One cannot stress enough how important vegetables are to our health. Humans did not evolve on antibiotic or hormone-laden cattle, but on a varied diet of limited grains, berries, roots and small amounts of meat and fish.

Several herbal products may assist in slowing or halting cancer. Essiac, a product from Canada, has both supporters and detractors as an anti-cancer product. The primary herbs in it, burdock root, turkey rhubarb, slippery elm and sheep sorrel, are identified in many herb books as anti-tumor agents (Some manufacturers products have added other herbs also). I have used Essiac to both cleanse myself internally, and to cure cold sores (gone in three days instead of two to three weeks). Dr. Charles Brusch, physician to President Kennedy, wholly endorsed Essiac for cancer treatment. Needless to say, some say its good, others say its worthless.
Echinacea may help to reduce the severity of radiation burns. Some have said it helped them (full body lifetime radiation dose with no burns!). Refer to the book "Options" for information on other herbals.

Rhodiola rosea is another herb used in Russia and some other countries to (a) help increase energy, (b) reduce stress, and (c) fight a number of diseases including cancer and stress-related conditions.

Other Substances, Chemicals
DMSO - (dimethyl sulfoxide) - tests in Russia and Britain on DMSO appear to have shown that it "deactivates" cancer cells, especially when used with many other cytoxic (cell-killing) drugs used in chemotherapy.
Hydrazine Sulfate - a super-oxidizer, has been used in some countries as an effective cancer fighter, however many chemotherapy drugs will counteract its effects. FDA approved clinical trials continue on this chemical, widely used in Russia against cancer. It is NOT recommended along with standard chemotherapies, since some research (Europe) says that it is inactivated by some of the chemo toxins used.

Non-Toxic Alternative Treatments: Dr Eric Scheinbart, MD, presented a paper at the Cancer Control Society's meeting near Los Angeles on Sept. 8th, wherein he treated a bedridden terminal multiple myeloma patient with a series of alternative materials ( mushroom extracts, immune system boosters, others - a copy of that paper is available: Alternative Therapies, Vol.7, No. 3, May/June 2001, pp 158-160). Complete recovery of terminal patients with only weeks to live. Similar results with a number of other cancer patients.See the website HERE for Dr. Scheinbart's paper.

Other Programs

Clothing - there is (VERY non-scientific, but promoted by a few researchers) anecdotal research available which correlates the number of hours a woman wears a bra to frequency of breast cancer. It suggests that women wearing a bra even to bed may be as much as 126 times more likely to develop breast cancer. Loose or none is highly recommended - this allows the lymphatic system to flow normally, and is thought to be one of natures' "cleansers"!

See for this study.

Blood Screening - Dr. Gunther Enderlein's concept of "pleomorphism" said that many of the creatures living in the blood evolve while there, starting out as extremely tiny dots which might be a virus phase of a creature, and as they grow they evolve into much larger bacterial forms easily visible under a microscope. Further, as they grow and evolve, they form different types of creatures altogether - Rod form Free Chondit, Bacterial Tubes, etc. His theory is that various stresses - chemicals, diet, radiation and emotions - provide the conditions that allow these parasites and pathogens to thrive. Normal blood always has a small number of "critters" - pathogens and parasites - living in it, and there is mounting evidence that many of these critters "evolve" into more advanced forms. As they are killed, they release much smaller "seeds" - possibly viruses - which may grow to again become harmful. The site listed for blood screening is a teaching and manufacturing company, they don't do blood screening for the public, but their site has lots of information. Another issue is the pH of the blood - normal blood is a neutral pH, while cancer and other illnesses tend to like an acidic blood, ideal for the pathogens to live in and thrive. Blood should be either a neutral, or even better, slightly alkaline pH to help keep the parasites and other critters under control. In the miscoscopy classes, the blood is seen to harbor all kinds of creatures, and one can see them evolve and devolve as they're destroyed. Blood screens can determine what the parasitic load in the blood is, and also give overall very useful information - clumping of the red or white blood cells (bad), etc.

Exercise & Meditation
Exercise helps to keep muscle tone, and also promotes cleansing of the body. Meditation and prayer are helpful to quiet the anxieties and stress we all have. During prayer, is seems to be best to pray for healing and health, rather than to focus on getting rid of an illness or a tumor - the tumor, after all, may be the symptom of something else (possibly parasites and the weakening immune system). There are "healing music" tapes out which seem to be helpful, even if they only help ease the stress we live in today.

Note - as far as I know most of these devices are listed as experimental and/or for veterinary use only by the FDA. Regardless, most of them can be made by the individual from parts available in most countries, and plans for their manufacture are even on the internet. Generally, the courts have stated that a person may treat themselves (regardless what the AMA or FDA say).
Rife-Bare (Bare/Rife) machines. A technology from the 1930's, tested in Southern California, Ohio and Utah by a number of MD's.  The technology, which is the illumination of a person by a plasma tube modulated by various frequencies, has a growing number of experimenters and supporters internationally, and several thousand machines have been built. Although the 1930's version appeared to have brought about rapid remissions, nobody today knows for certain how it worked - the labs where the machines were made no longer exist, the people working with them were harassed and driven out of interest. See Barry Lynes' book "The Cancer Cure that Worked" for the story of the suppression of an idea and technology which appeared to work wonders - but be aware that not "all the facts" in the book appear to be provable. Today's version of the machines appear to sometimes work, even in terminal cases, and a web search will find thousands of sites worldwide discussing it. In sessions with the machine, which may last an hour or more, and be given every three or four days, the person is cautioned that detoxing, or a feeling ill, with many trips to the bathroom, may result if the technology is working. The detoxing is the body ridding itself of toxins, dead cells, and parasites harmed or destroyed by the frequencies used. As recently as late 1999, individuals very seriously ill with hepatitus-C have had complete remission from Hep-C's wasting away by exposure to the Rife-Bare's light emissions, however the exposures need to be continued, as the Hep-C conditions may return. There is evidence that the Rife-Bare type devices may not be effective against deep-seated fatty-tissue tumors such as prostate cancer. One such device has been licensed by Health Canada (Canada's version of the FDA) for pain relief. I am aware of no device which is licensed or approved of in the US by the FDA (Manufacturers, send me a copy of your approval or license certificate if you have such.)
EMEM machines. This is another type of plasma lamp device in which an audio oscillator or programmable frequency generator feeds a simple power amplifier, which in turn feeds an automotive spark coil, which is wired to an argon or helium plasma lamp. Any number of people have built these devices, and indeed, it seems to be an inexpensive way to expose oneself to the Rife Energy - even though it is not known exactly what that energy is, but thousands of hours of exposure by experimenters have not found any harmful effects - only healthful effects. Some forms of EMEM devices can also be used, with great care, as contact pad devices, and may be more effective against some forms in deep-seated tumors (prostate, cervix possibly). The standard and typical Rife-Bare and EMEM machines do not produce ozone or ultraviolet light, and have not been found to produce any harmful effects to my knowledge.
Rife machines. There are a few machines that label themselves "Rife" which claim to have been FDA approved for some uses, and a few others which, because they have basically already-approved licenses as ultraviolet lamps in germicidal settings, seem to be "FDA" ok. These may or may not be beneficial for fighting cancer. There are many other devices, primarily pad instruments, which may or may not be of value.
Zappers - The Hulda Clark Zapper is a pad device which outputs a positive-going square wave of energy (low power, usually up to 9 or 25 volts of square wave - typically not enough to even feel), which is delivered by two pad devices which have been moistened to aid a good connection. These are usually battery powered, keeping in mind that one does NOT want to come into contact with any part of AC power when connected to an electrical device, for fear of electrocution. In her book, Clark says that almost any form of interrupted low-voltage pulses may be helpful in fighting tumors. She in no uncertain terms says that many cancers are caused by parasites, aided by alcohol in our bodies, and the first this she does in her program is to get rid of all alcohol around us - shampoos, perfumes, even orange juice, which she believes promotes parasites. I know an individual who says she had a remission of a breast tumor after using a Zapper device for a few weeks, however it's unknown what the lump was.
Electromagnetic "Thumpers" - Another school of thought is that a pulse of electromagnetic energy can reach much further info our bodies and may help disrupt cancer cells. These devices typically are fairly small, and deliver a thump of magnetic energy up to perhaps 15 times a minute. There is a newer type of coil device which uses perhaps 250 feet of 10 or 12 gauge wire, wrapped into a large coil perhaps 28 inches in diameter, and that coil hooked through an automotive starter relay, then to one or two car batteries. As the starter relay is energized, manually or by a transistorized oscillator, the field produced by the coil is said to have very good effects, especially against parasite illnesses such as Lyme Disease.. The Lyme mailing-list on Yahoo speaks of this device. In yet another area, there is research from the University of Washington wherein an MRI machine was used successfully as a treatment device against malaria parasites.
Ultrasonic devices - There are FDA approved ultrasound devices, however these are not likely to be of use in fighting cancer. Rather, there is a newer family of ultrasound devices that are very low power and sweep through a wide range of frequencies, similar to the frequencies that the Rife-Bare machine uses. The theory is that the ultrasonic frequencies resonate with the pathogens, and cause their cell disruption. It seems to work, and testing is ongoing at this time. These devices require contact with the individual.
Beck Blood Cleanser - This is a device that, similar to the Zapper, places a wave of low-power energy across two electrodes placed on the skin. Typically, these are placed across two nearby arteries (wrist or leg), and the theory is that the pulsating electrical field helps to cleanse the blood. This may be the case for critters living in the blood (parasites etc), but it might not help against some pathogens or tumors, as the blood flow to them is very limited.

Other Pad Devices - one device was invented by Dr. Gennady Potapenko, Professor of Geophysics at Caltech, and production devices were built in and around Pasadena for the US Navy in the late 1930's. This patented device produced a very fast and short duration voltage pulses which was placed across a portion of a patient's body, with special cautions not to ever allow any energy to be sent anywhere the heart. Its use was in restoring muscle tone, and in relieving sinus pain - apparently of interest to the US Navy at the time. One wonders what became of such devices, or if the AMA and FDA's ban and fear of "electromedicine" devices' competition caused even such a blackout of the technology that proven instrumentation could not be made.   Dr. C. M. Sampson, author of the book Psysiotherapy Technic (pub. 1923, C.V. Mosby Co.) was Chief of the Physiotherapy Service for Walter Reed U.S. Army General Hospital in Washington, D.C., and used high-frequency apparatus in the 20's - these included everything from ultraviolet machines and diathermy devices to X-Ray machines and high-frequency generators for physical (pad) use on patients. Dr. Sampson extensively used high-frequency devices for many diseases including cancer, and although he used ultraviolet devices as well, was very critical on the "Violet-Ray" devices being sold in corner drug stores as ineffective and a waste of money.

There are many pad devices on the market, indeed, many of them are the same identical machine with a different name on it. There are two devices which we like especially, one being a programmable square wave generator costing about $900, and the other being a programmable and pre-programmed function generator which also has a low-intensity radio-frequency carrier. This machine is the only "regular" pad device we like, and costs about $1900. If one just wants to experiment, there are several "function generators" on the market with digital frequency readouts on them, and these devices would work fine for experimenting - cost starts about $300. These are not programmable devices. Be wary of claims on all of these devices - there are no "original" devices on the market, and no vendor has ever been able to prove that their machine was particularly better than any other. I believe they all have some basis for claiming that they "work" - but beyond that, smoke and mirrors comes to mind. There is no sensor for detecting the "Rife Effect".

Immune System Boost?

Notes regarding the use of Plasma Lamp devices: Thanks to the author, "Dr. G" for this.

********* Excerpt from   ***********

The experiments I did were very preliminary, but I felt that I should report them as I'm out of the labs and unemployed after April 9th. It should be noted that the test cells were isolated and pure, as compared to a whole animal. The increases in growth that I observed only apply under these conditions. For all I know (and this is what I suspect), the stimulatory effect on, say, a tumour of perhaps 10% might well be hugely offset by enhanced activity of the immune system. (In my case, the stimulatory effect caused cancer where i'd never had it in my life, and rapidly led to uncontrolled tumor growth - Chris).

You'll note from my findings that fibroblasts, the normal cells involved in wound repair, grew 40% faster after an RB exposure.

I suspect that the effects on the immune system are of an equal or even higher magnitude. Additionally, please note that the bacteria and yeast were completely unaffected by RB exposure in my crude experiments, so they would not pose a greater risk in a disease situation after RB exposure......probably.... while the immune-stimulation may help enormously.

The lack of destruction of DNA which I reported came as no great surprise - it would imply that RB exposure might cause cancer (due to DNA damage), which appears to NOT be the case. (Emphasis added..)

********* End excerpt from below ***********

Added note regarding tests with e.coli cell cultures:  In a laboratory setting, I exposed the safe strain of e.coli (same as is used in most high school biology classes) to various "Rife frequencies" using two different types of plasma lamp devices. After many experiments and hundreds of hours of tests, I found essentially no difference in growth of the cultures, using a spectrophotometer for measuring cell density of the incubated liquid cultures, regardless of what frequencies were used. In one experiment, I did find a direct relationship in the e.coli death curve vs the closeness to the plasma lamp several days later, however the mechanism of this is unknown.  I am of the opinion that the greatest single effect that the Plasma Lamps may have is on the above promotion of the immune system. In my own observations, I've witnessed overnight recovery from the flu on many ocassions. I also know of a center which has worked with several dozen advanced cancer patients using plasma lamp exposures, and reports a very high remission rate in those patients, who are also under the care of their MDs.

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