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   Book - THE HANDBOOK OF RIFE FREQUENCY HEALING, Holistic Technology for Cancer and Other Diseases  2nd Edition by Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. (Speaker at the 2002 Rife Conference!) At over 448 pages, this is the first book listing how one approaches healing using frequency  devices, combined with nutritional information and other healing modalities which may be of assistance. Click HERE for the book's webpage!  OUT OF STOCK!

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Videotapes are in VHS format for US and Canada. Users in countries needing PAL format would be advised to have the tape converted in their countries; having the conversion done here is expensive, but available if required at additional cost (typically $30 per tape.)  Prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice. Be aware that shipping overseas from the US is very expensive, plus we must add a small charge to cover the customs paperwork etc.

First International Rife Conference, October 1997 

V101: $ 20  Tape or DVD: 1 of 4: Dr. James Bare, D.C. discusses the Rife-Bare machine, displays the plasma tube in operation. Don Tunney discusses many case studies of the RB machine, plus mentions of hydrazine sulfate, hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy and 714X.

V102: $ 20  Tape or DVD: 2 of 4: Linda Townsend discusses the bioenergy of the body, blood types, light frequencies, pad devices etc. Dr. Richard Loyd discusses the Abrahams Machine, a diagnostic tester, pad devices and pad type blood cleansers, the Violet Ray Machine, and the use of pad machines.

V103: $ 20  Tape or DVD: 3 of 4: Dr. Gary Gear discusses the body as an organic nonlinear semiconductor and what the effects on organic tissue may be from the energies of the plasma lamp, Clark devices and the light spectrum. Martin Stolzenbach discusses basic electronics theory and ISM - Industrial, Scientific and Medical frequency use. Jason Ringas discusses the Rife Microscope and Royal Rife's BX virus - the "cancer" virus.

V104: $ 20  Tape or DVD: 4 of 4: The "Catch-all" tape, excellent information! Dr. Irena D..., oncologist and cancer survivor, Dr. Bare and the argon quartz tube demo, the phanotron tube, and a computer program to generate the frequencies. A researcher who has worked in many cancer centers in several countries describes her experiences and what she has observed to work, and the extreme importance of a thorough detox program in combatting cancer. Lynn Kinney discusses pad generators. Discussions of the Ultra-Violet C unit with germicidal lamps. Discussions of the magnetic strobe unit and super zap machines. Gentleman describing the Gerson Clinics and portions of their cleansing therapies.

V105   $ 70  Set of all 4 tapes or DVDs.    Postage $20 in the USA 

Second International Rife Conference, October 1998 (More updates to come!) In Stock. $20 each, $70 for a set.

V201: $ 20  Tapeor DVD: 1: Barry Lynes: Discusses the book "Cancer Cure That Worked", answers audience questions. Gary Wade presents theories for how square waves might disrupt disease cells using ultrasonic transducer. Stuart Andrews from the British Rife Group.

V202: $ 20  Tape or DVD: 2: Michael Coyle discussed pleomorphism, and shows a number of live blood cell samples. Dr. Les Emdin, South Africa. Soozie Holbeche.

V203:  $ 20  Tape or DVD: 3: Dr. James Bare displays various forms of the Bare-Rife plasma tubes with different modulations. Dr. Jone Schramm. Phoenix discusses her work in foreign hospitals and in caring for clients with serious diseases.

V204:  $ 20  Tape or DVD: 4: Dr. Richard Loyd discusses a number of health care techniques. Bill Carveth, Paul Jone, Rusty/Kathy Dawe, Jim Folsom.

V205:  $ 70  Set of all 4 tapes or DVDs.   Postage $20 in the USA

Rife Conference Videotapes for 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008: See this link to the Rife Conference Website.

V106x, B106x: Dr. James Bare, D.C. Videotape and book discusses the Rife-Bare machine and construction details of building a Rife-Bare device. A "Must" book if one is experimenting with RB technology. Videotape and Book available from Dr. Bare. Constantly being updated, we don't stock this item. Best to order it from Dr. Bare (click HERE)

V107: $20  or DVD: Gary Wade: "The Rife Machine" Physicist Gary Wade discusses how, in his opinion, the Rife microscope worked, how Rife technology works, plus how to build ultrasonic equipment which generates the frequencies needed, etc. (Different technology than the Rife-Bare or EMEM type devices.)

V108: $ 20 or DVD: The Rife Research Laboratory, narrated by John Crane, who took over virtually all of Royal Rife's equipment (and the fellow who came up with the pad device, rather than the plasma lamp, for getting frequency energy into the body.) One of the few tapes showing Royal Raymond Rife's laboratory, the Universal Microscope that could see viruses, and the Rife Machine in action.

V109: $ 20  The Ray of Discovery #2, Royal R. Rife. The second tape on Rife and his laboratory near San Diego, CA. The Prismatic Microscope is shown with magnifications up to 60,000 diameters. The BX virus is shown, and many of the doctors of the period are noted in their testing of the Rife Machine. An irritating and difficult "artsy" tape, but valuable information on rife and his technology.   NOTE: This tape is very irritating to watch, but has text and descriptive information of the microscope and the Rife machine not available elsewhere! Video quality is VERY poor. (Two sections to the tape, with noise and blank tape in-between, the last section is similar to tape V108 but shorter.) (limited supply)

V110D: $ 30  The Royal Rife Story. NOW available only as a DVD:  has footage of Rife's younger years, and covers many aspects of Rife not found on any other tape. Difficult to get, the DVD was available at the 2002 Rife Conference in Las Vegas. AVAILABLE ON DVD ONLY. Over TWO HOURS of video, PLUS audio CD with interviews and conversations with Royal Rife in the late 1950's. Shipping in the USA: $5.

V111: $ 30  THE RISE AND FALL OF A SCIENTIFIC GENIUS, The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife, Part 1: Rife's Rise. 

V112: $ 30  THE RISE AND FALL OF A SCIENTIFIC GENIUS, The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife, Part 2: Rife's Fall. 

V113: $ 55  Both Tapes, Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius.  Shipping $10 USA plus tax in Calif.

V120: $ 20 Tape or DVD: John Crane. John Crane worked with Rife from 1950 on, and took over all of Rife's equipment and lab notes. This tape is from a "master" that John Crane made around 1990, and the video is in poor shape, with occasional breakups and syncing problems. This is the only tape showing (A) John Crane adjusting the #3 Rife Microscope, and (B) the destruction of paramecium by frequencies in the 1980-90 period, and the only tape showing the Mexican Hospital with the plasma lamp Ray Tube instrument in two different takes. First lengthy segment is the Rife Research Laboratory, similar to most others about the lab, fairly clear audio with underlying voices in the background and occasional video sync problems, may have been their first test tape. Next is John Crane displaying the adjustments of the #3 Rife Microscope. Next segment is blowing up paramecium using frequencies - probably by electrodes in the slides. Next segment shows Crane and others at a clinic in Mexico using a large plasma tube with a 2KW amplifier and a radio transmitter, antenna tuner, and audio generator, and Crane and others speak of using the device. Another segment, poor video quality, shows another fellow with a large plastic circular device which has a label "27 Mhz" on a coax fitting for a transmitter (no audio), and a pulsing plasma lamp. The end of the tape shows another take of the Mexican Clinic with mentions of color therapy etc. (Poor quality, audio fair to poor.)

V121: $ 20 Tape or DVD: John Crane - Talk at Holiday Inn hotel discussing using frequency generators as pad devices. VERY poor audio quality, video so-so. 

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Note: We do not suggest or claim that this technology is anything other than a novelty in which the experimenter may be interested, and we make no claims whatever regarding the above-mentioned subjects. If needing medical assistance, please see your qualified health practitioner immediately.

We also note that a current Nobel nominee was considered a "quack" years ago because his method of fighting cancer was so preposterous. We expect Dr. Judah Folkman to eventually become a Nobel Laurate. The medical community has a VERY serious "Not Invented Here" problem.